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Ohno-san is, everything about him is weird. Well I don’t know if people generally think of this as weird, but I really do. Right now we’re doing concert rehearsals, and he always comes in this T-shirt that says “Jigoku Taxi (Hell taxi)”, always. So he wears a shirt that says Taxi and comes over whenever I call “Taxi!!”, but when we do that Jun-kun will get angry and say “rehearse properly”. And because Ohno-san and I kept playing, we were asked to dance at two extreme ends. When there’s a little rest time I’d just yell “Taxi!!” and he’d come. “I’ve come to pick you too today, to hell” he’d say. I said it in his exact words. Though we actually do this quite regularly but I suppose it seems weird when other people look at it. In reality, who would want to get on a taxi and be told that “I’m bringing you to hell”? This person’s thinking is just out of this world.
— Ninomiya Kazunari (via denise-dinc)


Arashi - Duet 2002.12


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